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December 16, 2008


What a great utility--it helped me deal not just with my old calendar items but with the multiple entries caused by glitches in the Entourage-to-Ical-to MobileMe sync (which I no longer worry about because I don''t use Entourage any more). I had upwards of 7500 items for the utility to archive!

But do heed the note to allow plenty of time--my huge back calendar took three days to process. I'm grateful it wasn't me painfully deleting all those duplicates one by one!

Even better: I just discovered the Ical Cleaner! Very nice. Makes short work of all the crazy duplicates and other anomalies that resulted from my days of Entourage-to-Ical-to-MobileMe syncing.

Yay BusySync!

Does anyone know how it handles recurring events?

Ideally, it should remove all "old" versions of the appointment and create a new recurrence starting at whatever date is within the acceptable range. My fear is that it might remove the entire recurrence if any part (or the origin) falls outside the acceptable date range.

I've had some sync problems when I tell my sync utility to ignore events older than X weeks because it ignores current recurring events whose *original* event is outside the time range.

Recurring events are ignored and left intact. After running iCal Archiver, you may want to delete the old recurring events and recreate new ones.

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response, John. :)

This doesn't seem to work with iCal 4.0.1

Using 10.6 OS-X and latest ICAL the iCAL archiver does not appear work! The tool runs, says it's found lots of entries to remove (as expected) but it does not. I was so excited to find the tool and am now disappointed.

Has anyone else tested this recently please?

iCal Archiver does not work on Snow Leopard. As an alternative, download BusyCal, http://www.busymac.com, and perform the following steps to archive old events in iCal.

1. Launch BusyCal. It will read in all of your data from iCal.

2. Select New Calendar from the File menu and name it "Archive Calendar".

3. Switch to the List View and set a date range of Decade from the popup menu on the left to display a list of events in the last 10 years.

4. Check the calendars in the source list that you want to archive. Make sure all read-only calendars, like US Holidays WebDAV Subscriptions, are unchecked.

5. Shift-select all of the old events, then right-click on one of them and choose Calendar > Archive Calendar from the popup menu to move all of the old events to the Archive Events calendar.

6. Optionally, after you've moved the old events to the Archive Calendar, you can export the Archive Calendar by selecting it and choosing File > Export and saving it to the desktop. After exporting the Archive Calendar, you can delete it in BusyCal by right-clicking on it and choosing Delete.

7. BusyCal syncs with iCal. Therefore, when you launch iCal all of the changes you made in BusyCal will sync to iCal and the old events will have been archived.

I used ICA to archive my 2007 and 2008 events, and then deleted the archive file. However, it did not delete detached events (events that had been detached from a series).

How is this different to simply exporting the calendars directly, why archive them as well?

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